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Have FUN while LEARNING!


"A practical utensil, which offers
instantaneous help."
- Joel Leach, Educator,
California Sta
te University, Northridge



You want to play music but you think it’s difficult? Think again. THE MUSIC RULE makes learning easier and more fun. Regardless of your instrument or the amount of time you’ve been playing THE MUSIC RULE will make your life easier and more fun.

Beginning Piano Students
Lay THE MUSIC RULE directly on top of standard size piano keyboard; find a chord or scale, and PLAY IT NOW. It’s never been easier to learn basic piano. By using THE MUSIC RULE, you’ll have fun with your piano from your lesson because you’ll play immediately. No more banging away or waiting until the ninth lesson before you can play a simple song.

THE MUSIC RULE will help your child immensely in many ways. We’ve seen great results with kids as young as five years old! Because they can have fun while they learn and play so quickly, they are less likely to be discouraged and more likely to stay with their studies. By the time they finish the easy to understand instructions they can play songs in pop, rock, blues, jazz or country. See for yourself!

Advanced Students
THE MUSIC RULE will help you create more unique solos in any style, mail your theory tests, write more interesting compositions, transpose on the fly and much more.

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