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Jon Anderson

"I love it."
- Jon Anderson of Yes



Bernard Purdie

"Very Hip! It's like having your hands
on the heart and soul of music...
it really works!"
- Bernard Purdie,
the world's most recorded drummer



Bashiri Johnson

"Bradley's Music Rule is a viable tool
for the producer and the pupil.
All my students use THE MUSIC RULE
in their music courses."
- Bashiri Johnson, percussionist
with the Whitney Houston Band


Reggie Pittman

"The greatest music instruction tool
invented in the last few decades."
- Reggie Pittman, trumpet
Lionel Hampton's NY Big Band



Testimonials in praise of THE MUSIC RULE have been enthusiastic!   Musicians, educators, students and respected journalists have lavished it with praise.

So what are people saying about THE MUSIC RULE?

• "An indispensable tool for all musicians"
- Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, guitarist with Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers

"This is one of the most important discoveries in music. Life as a musician for young
and old is much easier and much more productive with the use of THE MUSIC RULE.
I have required them of all my students and teachers."

- Dr. Lynn J. Skinner, Executive Director, Lionel Hampton / Chevron Jazz Festival,
University of Idaho

"An amazingly accessible tool for students on all levels,"
- Ernie Watts, two-time Grammy award winning saxophonist

"Thank God this was developed. It's like having ten reference books at your fingertips."
- The late Eric Gale, guitarist for Paul Simon, Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin,
Billy Joel and more

"Thanks to THE MUSIC RULE I am no longer just a drummer. I am actually on my way
to being a complete musician. Now I can watch my song writing flow."

- Wally Gator, drummer with The Lionel Hampton Band

"A plastic wonder, aids in transposition, improvisation, composition and arranging.
Another plus is it's versatility, it can be used with all instruments."

- Home and Studio Recording

"THE MUSIC RULE is the greatest music instruction tool invented in the last few decades.
It combines two essential teaching elements. One, is it's wide range of musical information (chords, scales, etc.) And two, it is very simple to use. It's great for the beginning music student as well as the professional musician."

- Reggie Pittman, trumpeter with The Lionel Hampton Band

"A gotta-have item for every musician."
- BAM Magazine

"An ingenious is quite a buy."
- The Jazz Educators Journal

"We love it!"
- Hollywood Sheet Music

"A very useful tool."
- Music and Sound Retailer

"Definitely a winner...every musician should have one."
- Derrick Hibler, high school music teacher, Kansas City, MO

"It's like an encyclopedia in your pocket."
- Randy Coven, bassist

"...A tremendous boom for music education. It's a real asset...My students find it
tremendously useful in their theory and improvisation work."

- Joe Davis, Director of Jazz studies, West Valley College, Saratoga, CA

"It gives you more time to create music instead of deciphering music."
- John B. Williams, bassist

"A practical utensil, which offers instantaneous help."
- Joel Leach, Educator, California State University, Northridge

"Our fastest moving item!"
- Dick Cotterman, Hollywood Sheet Music

"THE MUSIC RULE...Flew out of here!"
- Trent Stroh, Baxter-Northup Music

"Learning music theory? Try THE MUSIC RULE."
- E.Q. Magazine

Prof. Johnny Lee Lane: Director Of Education, Remo, Inc.
Herbie Mann: Legendary Jazz Flutist
Jay Graydon: Grammy Award winning recording artist and producer
Scott Page: Saxophonist with Pink Floyd
Lon Price: Saxophonist and studio musician
Miles Joseph: Guitarist and studio musician, played with Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan
Ndugu Chancler: Drummer and studio musician, most notably with Michael Jackson
Brian Bromberg: Bassist with Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie and Freddie Hubbard.
Leon Lee Dorsey: Bassist and studio musician.


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