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A Favorite of Music Educators

Music Educators

"This is not a gimmick...
it can clarify theoretical concepts,
interval relations, inversions,
chords, scales, modes, cultural voicings,
keys and transposition, harmony,
melody, dissonance, composition and arrangement, as well as simple notation
and music terminology... it's quite a buy..."
- Jazz Educators Journal


You care about your students and need to use every tool available to help them achieve success. THE MUSIC RULE is a remarkable teaching aid that has proven to be a great asset to educators, as well as creating dramatic results with students. We would like to encourage you to test this with your students and staff in the coming year.

Quite possibly the greatest teaching aid ever invented. Use it as a supplement with any method, any instrument or level of learning you teach. You will be amazed at the positive results in your students.

Educators have said that THE MUSIC RULE is "the greatest music instruction tool ever invented..." and "one of the most important discoveries in music..." Beginners to graduate students will all benefit from using THE MUSIC RULE.

THE MUSIC RULE is already required in many music programs and we guarantee that you will be thrilled with the tremendous results you see from students, as well as the time and energy you and your colleagues will save.

Regardless of the level or instrument being taught, you will see a tremendous difference in your students ability to write, arrange, improvise and assimilate the concepts that guide musical principles, in the process becoming better, more knowledgeable musicians.

THE MUSIC RULE has been endorsed by top musicians and educators such as Al DiMeola, Herbie Mann, Chuck Rainey and Dr. John Kuzmich, Jr.

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