The Music Rule
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A Must For Improvisers


"A gotta-have item for every musician."
- BAM Magazine




"You've got to know the rules before you break 'em." ...Miles Davis

You'll have everything at your fingertips to help you find your own voice. If you know how
things are built, you'll find you'll know quickly what choices you have in any key at any
point in any music composition or chord progression or jam session.

Ever want to play like Jimi Hendrix, Dizzy Gillespe, Miles Davis Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck
or any other great improviser? THE MUSIC RULE shows you simply and easily the things
they have in their minds while making their improvisational choices.

Any great improviser will tell you that you need to know the rules before you break them.
THE MUSIC RULE gives you these rules in a easy to understand, straight forward manner.
Know all your choices before you begin.

A complete guide to chords, scales, modes, transposition, notation, intervals, and cultural voicings. THE MUSIC RULE is inexpensive, easy to understand, easy to transport,
durable tool. It's the "everything-in-one-place" guide to music.

39 Scales & Modes:
Aeolian (Natural Minor) | Arabian | Augmented | Balinese | Blue (Pentatonic Minor)
Bebop Major | Diminished (Whole/Half) | Dominant 7
b5 | Dominant Sus | Dorian
Enigmatic | Enigmatic Minor | Harmonic Major | Harmonic Minor | Hirojoshi
Hungarian Gypsy | Hungarian Major | Hungarian Minor | Ionian (Major) | Japanese 1
Japanese 2 | Kumoi | Locrian | Lydan | Melodic Minor | Minor 7b5 | Minor 7b9
Mixolydian | Neopolitan | Neopolitan Minor | Oriental | Pelog | Pentatonic Major
Pentatonic Minor (Blues) | Persian | Phrygian | Spanish | Spanish Gypsy | Whole Tone


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