The Music Rule
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    THE MUSIC RULE is a must for Bass players.

Chuck Rainey

Chuck Rainey

"Every music student should have one."
- Chuck Rainey, Bass virtuoso


Dial in the chord you want to walk over and THE
MUSIC RULE instantly tells you your note choices. Develop more interesting and originals basslines
with a quick slide.

It's like having a chord book, a scale book, a mode book and a transposer all in one. Immediately locate interval relationships and the letter names of all
notes in any chart, chord, scale or mode; in any key. You can then transpose that information to any other key desired. It's a great quick reference to any
chord, scale, mode, or voicing in any key.

Get an edge over other bass players when it comes
to constructing basslines. The best phrasing comes from knowing all your note choices. THE MUSIC
RULE lays them all out right in front of you.

Fits conveniently in your bass case.

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