The Music Rule
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    THE MUSIC RULE is wonderful for String players. It will make your life easier and more productive,
    or your money back.

Great For Transposition


"Definitely a winner...
every musician should have one."
- Derrick Hibler,
high school music teacher,
Kansas City, MO


It's like having a chord book, a scale book, a mode book and a transposer all in one. Immediately locate interval relationships and the letter names of all notes in any chart, chord, scale or mode; in any key. You can then transpose that information to any other key desired.

A complete guide to chords, scales, modes, transposition, notation, intervals, and cultural voicings. THE MUSIC RULE is inexpensive, easy to understand, easy to transport, durable tool. It's the "everything-in-one-place" guide to music.

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