The Music Rule
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    Fits conveniently in your gig bag. THE MUSIC RULE is literally a horn players survival tool.
    No one has to transpose on the fly more than horn players. THE MUSIC RULE provides
    instant transposition with a simple slide.

    It's like having a chord book, a scale book, a mode book and a transposer all in one.
    Immediately locate interval relationships and the letter names of all notes in any chart, chord,
    scale or mode; in any key. You can then transpose that information to any other key desired.

Ernie Watts

Ernie Watts

"An amazingly accessible tool for
students on all levels,"
- Ernie Watts, two-time Grammy
award winning saxophonist


Be ready in an instant to rip
through a blazing solo knowing
the all the notes in the key you
are playing.

After a few gigs with THE MUSIC RULE, you'll wonder how you
ever got along without it.

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