The Music Rule
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    THE MUSIC RULE helps guitar player in many ways. Solo like Hendrix, Clapton and Vaughn.
    Develop new and original solos. Step out and explore varied music ideas!

Endorsed by Al Di Meola

Al DiMeola

"A needed and wonderful tool
for all musicians"
- Al Di Meola


Find a scale or voicing in any key with a flick of the wrist. Throw away your books. Everything you need to know to express yourself in more interesting ways is right here. Stuck in a rut? Ripping off licks? THE MUSIC RULE gives you what you need to make your leads unique. Have your voice come through in your leads.

Get an edge over other guitarists when it comes to soloing. The best phrasing comes from knowing all your note choices. THE MUSIC RULE lays them all out right in front of you.

Fits conveniently in your guitar case.

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